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Co-Founder / Head of UGC

Naomi Clemens 

Co-Founder / Head of UGC

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+ 3D Modeling 

+  Project Management 

+  Media Production

+ Texturing 

+  Clothing Design

+  Game Development 

+  Consulting 

About Me

Hey I'm Naomi aka CoffeeNerd. I'm one of the Co-Founders of Simple Game Inc. I'm a Digital Fashion Designer, Game Developer, UGC Creator and former Accelerator on Roblox. I love helping people navigate the always changing digital word so feel free to reach out!

Popular Projects


VIP Roblox Layered Clothing

Redwing worked with Naomi and Simple Games to launch a new Metaverse Program that helps the homeless and encourages Devs to build in real life.  

See each of the short clips done for the series below! (or above link to page).

Redwing Video 2.jpg
Redwing Video 1C.png
Redwing Video 5.jpg
Redwing Video 6.jpg
Redwing Video 7C.jpg.png

Articles & Presentations 


Roblox and Parsons interview Naomi (CoffeeNerd) and other online fashion designers in their article about the future of Metaverse Fashion Trends.


The Simple Games' Team presented at UC Berkeley for their ROBLOX Game Design Course for college students!

Berkeley 1.png

Our Layered Clothing Expert, Naomi, is invited to the Female Voices series, exploring the presence of women in the industry and her approach to success.

Layered Clothing - Female Voices.jpg

Naomi speaks at the ROBLOX Connect 2022 Event, where she gives attendees a behind-the-scenes glimpse of how to create Layered Clothing on ROBLOX!

Layered Clothing.png
My Kingdom Update Icon 9.png
City Life Update Criminal 12.png
Icon - Gods of Glory.jpg
Layered Clothing Icon 6.png
RescueMe-Final Icon.png


REFINERY29 interviews Naomi (CoffeeNerd) for a look 'Inside The World Of Metaverse Fashion: How Gamers Are Earning $$$ Selling Virtual Clothing!'


Naomi (CoffeeNerd) speaks with DIGIDAY on 'How ROBLOX’s Layered  Clothing makes the virtual world feel more real — and more attractive to brands.'

Digiday 3.jpg.png

Game Developer talks with Devs (including Naomi) about Roblox rolling out an all-virtual Creator Conference -- for ROBLOX creators, by ROBLOX creators.

Game Developer 2.jpg.png

Worth Global Style Network reports on Naomi (CoffeeNerd) and her experience with ROBLOX's new Layered Clothing capabilities and setting trends.

WGSN 2.jpg

The Information Magazine interviews Naomi and the Team on how ROBLOX Games became a family business in their article on Snap's TikTok clone.

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